Sabbatical 2022

Sabbatical 2022 Week 4

I returned from my vacation in Tyrol and there were a couple of things waiting for me that I had to take care of. Mostly paperwork for various things that had been sitting in my letterbox for a while.

Of course, I also spend some time going through the photos I took in Austria, sorted them and edited them. To be completely honest, the result was a bit underwhelming, but in the end there are only so many ways to shoot mountains. It’s still a good documentation of my trip and ultimately I didn’t do it primarily for photography. The best photos can be found in the “Discovering Austria” album on my photo blog.

The rest of this week I spent recovering from having walked so much. I did this by cooking and experimenting with some new recipes. And of course I made plenty of time for video games as well. I took some smaller walks in Köpenick, too, and just kept things very chill.